Tinted Windows Debut Single

You guys know how much we dig the power pop. And when we heard of the newly-formed Taylor Hanson/James Iha/Adam Schlesinger/Bun. E. Carlos supergroup known as Tinted Windows, we speculated its output "could be a delicious helping of some crunchy power pop".

Well, if their first single, the Buzzcocks-meets-Cheap Trick "Kind of a Girl", is any indication, we were right on the money. Rolling Stone's got it (as well as a pic of the quartet in skinny ties and circa '79 duds). Check it out here.


godihateyourband said...

i have about 45 cds from the late-90s/early aughts that i don't listen to that sound exactly like that. can't wait for the 2nd album!

Kiko Jones said...