Random Grammy Notes

This is what caught our attention last night:

- That chubby British chick got Best New Artist. Good for her.

- Radiohead were actually at the Grammy ceremony. And performed, too. Strange days, indeed.

- So many cringe-inducing bad jokes from the presenters. A word to the wise: comedy is dangerous; leave it to the professionals.

- Kickin' it old school: Neil Diamond's performance of "Sweet Caroline" met with the approval of many of the hip-hop world in attendance; they were unmoved by Paul McCartney's rendition of the early Beatles classic "I Saw Her Standing There", though. Maybe they're Red Sox fans.

- Speaking of "I Saw Her Standing There", Dave Grohl was inexplicably unimpressive behind the kit. Dave, how hard can it be? Ringo used to play this, you know?

- Keith Urban is a mean guitarist. Didn't know he could offer up some tasty soul/blues/jazz licks.

- The Bo Diddley tribute--featuring Buddy Guy, BB King, John Mayer, and the aforementioned Urban, backed by a grooving rhythm section--was the best thing we saw all night.

- The new U2 song is just OK.

- Pregnant artists should be preparing for birth not prancing around on stage on their due date.

- Robert Plant--alongside Alison Krauss, who has 26 of 'em--won his first Grammy ever. (Led Zeppelin got a Lifetime Achievement nod in 2005.)

- Kanye West is an ass.

- Did not know President Obama has won two Grammys. (For the audio versions of each of his two books.) A Grammy winner in the White House. Now, there's a first.

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Arturo said...

Well, about the Obama Grammy not exactly, Hillary won one when being First Lady, but this one is a first for a sitting President, I will think. Now, this is another instance for the Obama vs. Clinton Saga, now we need Michelle Obama to win one, as both Clintons have Grammys...my two cents of Presidential Grammy History. Always a pleasure to read you, Mr. Jones, I miss the podcast though...