Jimi Lives!

James Marshall Hendrix left us 40 years ago this past September. November 27th would've been Jimi's 68th birthday, so we'd like to pay tribute to a timeless master by posting a few of his iconic tunes and personal favorites of ours. Enjoy!


New Releases: Weezer

Death to False Metal


The good news: You can forget about the long-awaited, deluxe reissue of the band's controversial sophomore album--a critical and commercial disappointment upon release in 1996, the shockingly pedestrian Pinkerton has got to be one of the most overrated albums ever--or their last few lackluster long-players, Death to False Metal is the best thing Weezer's done since the self-titled "green album" [DGC-2001]. Yup, that good.

The bad news: it's not an inspired bunch of new tunes designed to give us faith in future Weezer releases but a mere spring cleaning exercise; a collection of outtakes spanning the band's entire major label career that never made the light of day for whatever reason. However, that being the extent of the negative, we'll take it: Death to False Metal is Weezer on a roll; a 10-track, half-hour joyride for anyone who's ever enjoyed their particular brand of punk pop/power pop. Ya got more like these, Rivers?

Oh, and the folks at Pitchfork don't like it, so you know it's got to be good. heh, heh

Highlights: "Turning Up the Radio", with a hooky chorus the size of a house; the jaunty '60s flavored pop of "I'm A Robot"; the unapologetic grunge of "Everyone" and "Trampoline".