VH Running with the Devil But Not McCain

Van Halen are surprised and quite upset that their song "Right Now" was used at an Ohio campaign stop by Sen. John McCain. According to the band's management "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given" for use of the song.

The party-heavy Van Halen, who recently wrapped up a tour with original singer David Lee Roth--returning to the fold after 22 years--are not known for having any political leanings. Former VH vocalist Sammy Hagar, who is the voice heard on "Right Now", is known to be politically conservative, but it's doubtful he had anything to do with this use of the song.


New Led Zep Release in the Works?

London's Daily Telegraph announced "Led Zeppelin could be on the brink of a 10th studio album after musicians Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham said they had been working on new songs. " Vocalist Robert Plant has not participated in the sessions Bonham refers to as jams, in which they've been working on new material since the one-off Led Zeppelin show this past December.

[Thanks to "5"er Harold Martínez for the heads up.]

GnR-posting Blogger Arrested by Feds

Kevin Cogill aka Skwerl, the California-based blogger who a few months ago got a visit from federal agents after his site, Antiquiet, leaked 9 alleged tracks from Guns 'n' Roses' long-awaited album, Chinese Democracy, has been arrested "on suspicion of violating federal copyright laws," according to the L. A. Times.

"Cogill admitted to posting the songs when he was questioned by an FBI agent, according to the affidavit. He was arrested at his home in Culver City this morning and is expected to appear in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles later today, said Assistant U.S. Atty. Craig Missakian."

The songs were not made available for download by Antiquiet, but instead offered in streaming audio. The site was so overwhelmed with traffic, once the songs were posted, it crashed almost immediately.

Question of the Day

Who is it that New Kids on the Block, um, sorry, NKOTB, think is gonna buy their new album? Nostalgic 30-somethings of the female persuasion who used to blindly worship them 20 years ago? Really?


Son of Dr. Dre Found Dead at Home

Over the weekend, Andre R. Young Jr. the 20 year-old son of rap legend Dr. Dre, was found dead in his bedroom by his mother the morning after a night out. The L. A. Times has more.

New Releases

Among today's newbies are:

ALIAS Resurgam (AntiCon)
MOTORHEAD Motorizer (Steamhammer)
MOTT THE HOOPLE Old Records Never Die: The Mott the Hoople/Ian Hunter Anthology (Shout! Factory)
MATTHEW SWEET Sunshine Lies (Shout! Factory)


This Week's Podcast: Episode 7 of The Kiko Jones Experience

Here's the playlist for this week. Subscribe for free and get the podcast on your iTunes as soon as it's uploaded. Check out the sidebar on the right and enjoy!

1. JELLYFISH “Joining A Fan Club” from the album Spilt Milk (Charisma)
“Raise Love” from the album Shame (Epic)
3. DON CABALLERO “Sure, We Had Knives Around” from the album World Class Listening Problem (Relapse)
4. DURAN DURAN “Skin Trade” from the album Notorious (Capitol)
5. DAVID S. WARE "Surrendered" [self-titled album] (Columbia)
6. CLIFF HILLIS "Home" from the album Better Living Through Compression (Tallboy)
"Turn It On Again" from the album Duke (Atlantic)
"Smart" from the album Size Matters (Interscope)
9. HUFFAMOOSE "James" from the album We've Been Had Again (Interscope)
"Remember When" from the album I'll Be Lightning (Liberation)
"Jack Johnson/Ghostrider" from the album Gods and Monsters (Enemy)
"Cape Fear" from the album Millennium Monsterwork (Ipecac)
13. SPARTA "While Oceana Sleeps" from the album Porcelain (Geffen)

Metallica Streaming New Track

A live version of “Cyanide”—recorded in Dallas, Texas on August 9th—is currently streaming on the San Francisco-based metal quartet’s MySpace page. (There is also a cover of Iron Maiden’s “Remember Tomorrow”, as well.) Metallica’s newest album, Death Magnetic, will be released on September 12th.

Unlucky Seven

No one who grew up watching and anticipating the broadcasting of videos on MTV is able to recognize what the home of D-list celebrity dating, teen queen, and absurd reality shows has become. So, we found interesting that Defamer chose to list 7 MTV-Defining Stars Who Wouldn’t Be Allowed On MTV Anymore. Read it and you’ll find yopurself nodding in knowing recognition. Sad, but true.

Huh? Moment of the Year

This is just weird: Jimmy Page performing the Led Zeppelin classic “Whole Lotta Love” with British songstress Leona Lewis at this year’s Olympics closing ceremonies.

Crow, Matthews, Sugarland perform at DNC

Denver’s Red Rock Amphitheatre played host on Sunday night to the Democratic National Convention’s kickoff concert featruing Sheryl Crow—who dedicated her "Strong Enough" to Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama—as well as Dave Matthews and country artists (?!) Sugarland.

Rage Against The Machine are scheduled to play the convention sometime this week.

Happy Birthday

Legendary jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter (75); Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford (57); keyboardist Geoff Downes [Asia, Buggles, Yes] (56); the one and only Elvis Costello (54); Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell (46); DJ Terminator X of Public Enemy (42); and head Wilco, Jeff Tweedy (41); all on August 25th.



Producer/engineer Jerry Finn, whose numerous credits include Green Day's Dookie, Superdrag's Head Trip in Every Key, the Bad Religion album The Process of Belief and the upcoming Years of Refusal by Morrissey, passed away on August 21st from a massive brain hemorrhage he suffered on July 10th.

He was 39 years old.


The Current State of the Music Business (continued)

On his Fistfulayen blog, Ian Rogers addresses in a recent post the question of "Who is going to play The Staples Center in five years?” coming up at a panel he attended last week:

"Who the fuck wants to see a show at The Staples Center? Do we judge the health of the music business by how many people are pulling half a mill in a single show at a terrible venue? I don’t. Let me be clear, unless your sole source of music discovery is network television and Radio Disney, I hope you never have to see your favorite band at The Staples Center. I saw Bob Dylan there once. It’s a bummer, only fun for the people counting the money."

The question isn't "Who is going to play The Staples Center in five years?” but which current acts will still matter and be around then? We're living in a time when artists are going from buzz bands and hipster darlings to residing atop the Where Are They Now? garbage heap at an alarming rate/speed. Like it or not, the artists Rogers uses in his post as examples of a new approach to releasing music (Radiohead, Dandy Warhols, Paul Westerberg) are beneficiaries of formerly doing time in the big machine and now utilizing that name recognition to their own benefit. (Radiohead acknowledged as much during the In Rainbows hoopla.)

As popular music becomes increasingly more disposable--regardless of the artists' creative merits/street cred or lack thereof--the number of established acts will steadily decrease. We hapen to think it's why we're seeing artists past their prime but with a solid following (Madonna, U2, Jay-Z, etc) being courted by the likes of Live Nation, instead of say, Kings of Leon. Right or wrong, the backlash suffered by bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tapes n Tapes, Vampire Weekend (it's around the corner) etc just bolsters their stance.



LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of The Dave Matthews Band died on August 19th of complications stemming from serious injuries sustained in an ATV accident on June 30th.

He was 46 years old.


Happy Birthday

[Rock and roll's golden god at work.]

The great Robert Anthony Plant hits the big 6-0 today, August 20th.

Here he is alongside Jimmy Page performing one of our all-time favorite Led Zeppelin tunes, "Since I've Been Loving You", live during their pseudo reunion in the '90s. Cheers!

Can We Wait a Little Bit Longer?

We'd never heard a Jonas Brothers song until today. What prompted us to check out their new album was this quote from the current Rolling Stone:

"The boys' fantastic third album is steeped in the fuzzed-up guitars, three-part harmonies and cotton-candy choruses of Big Star and Cheap Trick. Power-pop die-hards awaiting the genre's commercial saviors must reckon with the fact that the messiahs have arrived...and they're a Disney boy band."

As "power pop die-hards" ourselves, the feeling is bittersweet: while we do find this album a little too candy-coated for our taste, these kids can truly make the subgenre popular, as their massive, hysterical following clearly demonstrates. (Although, truth be told, our money's on Drake Bell--of Nickelodeon's Josh and Drake fame--whose album It's Only Time, is a lot more developed and shows a lot more promise for the future than the Jonas Brothers.)


Radiohead vs. The Hold Steady: Win, Lose or Draw?

First, it was this acquaintance who, over drinks Saturday night, foolishly compared Radiohead to The Beatles [groan] and unequivocally stated that the Oxford quintet would one day be looked back upon as equally great and influential as John, Paul, George and Ringo. And no, he wasn’t drunk. This was made clear when we proceeded to remind him that half of Radiohead’s output consisted of spotty (Pablo Honey), uneven (Kid A), and flat-out boring (Amnesiac) albums, and his chest-beating immediately endured a bit of deflation. Man, that was some heavy Kool-Aid guzzling. Or so we thought. Then came this:

It turns out that The Hold Steady’s guitarist Tad Kubler
told BBC6 over the weekend, how he feels about Radiohead these days.

"I think they've lost the plot. What are they doing? Where are they going? What's happening? I don't get it any more. They lost me. I still appreciate what they're doing, or what they're trying to do. But I think they're trying too hard not to be Radiohead. That seems a little ridiculous to me. I like them as a rock band, all the buttons and sequencing and stuff like that I don't really care for. I'm a fan of rock music and what they're doing now I don't think is very good. When you have that kind of money, you can put on a great performance regardless of what you do. If you can't go out and pick up your instruments and play a good show, that doesn't do it for me. I don't have any interest in that".

Did he just rag on the hipster sacred cow? Oh no, he didn’t...

As expected all hell broke loose in the blogosphere, and the level of vitriol directed at Kubler and his band was pretty intense—we still don’t know if Craig Finn was actually burned in effigy out in Williamsburg—but it was all quite predictable, if mostly pathetic, and generally went along the lines of Fluxblog’s Matthew Perpetua, whose
skewering of the Hold Steady is simply a more eloquent and verbose version of the average irate 'tween letter to whomever has dissed her favorite Tiger Beat cover subject. [yawn]

For the record, we like Radiohead. We own all of their albums and have repeatedly raved about the brilliance of The Bends and OK Computer. The Hold Steady, on the other hand, we don’t care for. But we gotta take the side of the latter in this stupid debate, which just magnifies what is wrong with most of these music blogs. Kubler made his feelings known about the current state of Radiohead as a fan of rock music, not as some sort of arbiter. He just happens to be in a well-known band himself. Does that preclude him from commenting on colleagues of his? It shouldn’t. (At least we don’t think so.) He wasn’t comparing his band to Radiohead in any way, shape or form. But we’re guessing that’s a subtle difference lost on the Radiohead zombies or one which they choose to ignore. Probably the most to the point and least infantile take on the whole episode can be best summarized by this comment posted on

Radiohead: overdue for a critical takedown

Hold Steady: not the people to do it


Got Dem Ol' Record Store Blues (Again)

So, there’s much grumbling about the fact that AC/DC’s upcoming album Black Ice will only be available at retail via Wal-Mart—the band’s website will also carry it—as well as rumors regarding a similar sales plan for Guns ‘n’ RosesChinese Democracy. We’re no fans of the cheap ass, kings of retail exploitation either, but what do you want from these acts? With the exception of a few ‘Mom & Pops’ there are NO record stores anymore. Blame the clueless record companies for their limitless greed and alienating young music fans a decade ago and for their lack of a coherent game plan to stem the tide of subsequent rampant piracy. Like The Jam once said, this is the modern world.

Trio of Rock Guitarists Focus of Documentary

Jimmy Page, The Edge and The White Stripes/The Raconteurs' Jack White will star in It Might Get Loud, a doc filmed by David Guggenheim, in which they discuss their inspirations and approach to the guitar. NME has more.

Death Cab, Wilco to Open Neil Young Tour

Uncle Neil wants you, indie rock faves (even though the appellation is technically incorrect since you guys are signed to major labels): Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco will join Young on the road separately for the old timer’s upcoming US jaunt. Here are the dates:

Oct. 14: St. Paul, Minn. (Xcel Energy Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)

Oct. 16: Winnipeg, Manitoba (MTS Centre, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 18: Regina, Saskatchewan (Brandt Centre, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 19: Calgary, Alberta (Pengrowth Saddledome, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 21: Everett, Wash. (Comcast Arena, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 22: Vancouver (GM Place, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 29: San Diego (Cox Arena, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 30: Los Angeles (Forum, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Nov. 1: Reno, Nev. (Events Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Nov. 4: Kansas City, Mo. (Sprint Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Nov. 5: Omaha, Neb. (Qwest Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Nov. 29: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Metro Centre, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 1: Montreal (Bell Centre, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 2: Ottawa, Ontario (Scotia Bank Place, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 4: Toronto (Air Canada Centre, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 7: Auburn Hills, Mich. (Palace of Auburn Hills, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 9: Chicago (Allstate Center, no opener specified)
Dec. 12: Philadelphia (Wachovia Spectrum, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 15: New York (Madison Square Garden, w/ Wilco)

New Releases

This week, the following make their retail debuts:

DAVID BYRNE & BRIAN ENO Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (B&E)
DANDY WARHOLS Earth to the Dandy Warhols (Beat The World)
JULIANA HATFIELD How to Walk Away (Ye Olde Records)
STEREOLAB Chemical Chords (4 AD)
THE TOADIES Deliverance (Kirtland)


This Week's Podcast: Episode 6 of The Kiko Jones Experience

Here's the playlist for this week. Subscribe for free and get the podcast on your iTunes as soon as it's uploaded. Check out the sidebar on the right and enjoy!

1. ROONEY “Stay Away” [self-titled album] (Geffen/Interscope)
MATTHEW SWEET “Ultrasuede” from the Son Of Altered Beast EP (Volcano)
BUILT TO SPILL “Carry The Zero” from the album Keep It Like A Secret (Warner Bros.)
CAFÉ TACUBA “La Negrita” from the album Re (WEA Latina)
GIRL BROS. “If I Were Brave” [self-titled album] (World Domination)
6. UB40 “Who You Fighting For?” from the album Who You Fighting For? (EMI)
MEL TORME “Surrey With The Fringe On Top” from the album Swings Shubert Alley (Verve)
XTC “You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful” from the album Wasp Star: Apple Venus pt.2 (TVT)
9. TED LEO + PHARMACISTS "Old Souls Know" from the Mo' Living EP (Touch and Go)
BARE JR. “If You Choose Me” from the album Brainwasher (Virgin)
THE MOMMYHEADS “Jaded” [self-titled album] (Geffen)
MARCO BENEVENTO “If You Keep On Asking Me” from the album Invisible Baby (Hyena)
WILCO “Box Full Of Letters” from the album A.M. (Reprise)
THE WRENS “Destruction/Drawn” from the album Secaucus (Grass/BMG)
JIMI HENDRIX “South Saturn Delta” from the album South Saturn Delta (MCA)

Note to VH1 Classic

As long as you play videos by the likes of Poison and Bang Tango (!) during the show, you need to call Metal Mania something else. Agreed?

Nice touch showing the
Woodstock movie during the festival's 39th anniversary (yikes!), by the way. It's always heart-warming to see Max Yasgur addressing the crowd from the stage ("The important thing that you've proven to the world...is that a half million young people can get together and have nothing but fun and music and I God Bless You for it!"), as well as that touching scene with the affable Porto-San guy, whose one son is at the concert, while the other's in Vietnam.

Sidebar: Will promoters resurrect the concert next year for a 40th anniversary cash-in? (Michael Lang is still in the concert business, but we're looking at you Live Nation.)

Dweezil Keeps Zappa Halloween Tradition

From 1977 until he retired from touring, the late Frank Zappa's annual Halloween shows at New York City's now-gone Palladium--it's a college dorm now; thanks, NYU--were one of the best parts of Gotham's concert schedule.
Frank's son, guitarist Dweezil Zappa, has revived the tradition and for the third year in a row will bring his live tribute to the music of his father to New York City. This one's a special one, as Dweezil and the band will perform Zappa Plays Zappa: You Can't Fit On Stage Anymore, at the Blender Theatre, on October 30th and 31st. More info here.


Virgin Sues 30 Seconds to Mars for Breach of Contract

Actor Jared Leto's band, 30 Seconds to Mars, is being sued for only delivering 2 of the 5 albums agreed upon when they signed with now-defunct Virgin Records imprint Immortal in 1999.

Citing the 7 year limit imposed on contracts by the California Labor Code, 30 Seconds to Mars opted out of their recording contract in writing last month. Sources close to the band allege Leto and co. have not been remunerated accordingly for over 2 million copies sold of their albums, the 2002 self-titled debut, and 2005's A Beautiful Lie.

The label is suing them for $30 million.

Lohan Converts to Judaism

Influenced by her girlfriend Samantha Ronson, Hollywood party girl and occasional actress Lindsay Lohan has decided to convert to Judaism. Her dad--a self-described born-again Christian--is supportive but not so sure she'll go through with it. "She's explored the Church of Scientology, she tried Kabbalah, and now this. I think it's just another phase. But either way, she's involving God in her life, and I'm happy about that," said Michael Lohan, who raised his celebrity daughter in the Catholic faith.

We smell a reality show...



Legendary record producer Jerry Wexler who worked with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and was a key figure in Atlantic Records' 1950s and '60s heyday, died today in Sarasota, FL, after battling congenital heart disease for the last few years.

He was 91.

Wal-Mar to Bring About Chinese Democracy

Well, not quite. But it’s heavily rumored that the insanely long-awaited Guns ‘N’ Roses album will be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart in CD format and be available for Christmas. (They missed a major tie-in with this year’s Olympics in China, though. Ha!) GnR is now managed by Irving Azoff, who also represents The Eagles, whose last album was a Wal-Mart exclusive, which has given flight to the rumors. (Best Buy is also said to be in the running.)

It’s a testament to the enduring power of the band’s 1987 seminal debut, Appetite for Destruction, that people still care for a band who hasn’t released a studio album of new material in almost two decades (1991’s Use You Illusion I & II), while buzz bands and hipster darlings from less than 5 years ago have already been consigned to the Where Are They Now? heap. Damn.

Oasis: “The Shock of Lightning”

from the upcoming Dig Out Your Soul album:

Have A Little Faith (no?)

Why the hell is concert promotion giant Live Nation signing 10 year+ deals with veteran acts like Madonna, Jay-Z, U2, The Rolling Stones, etc who are all clearly past their artistic prime? Have they so little faith in the current crop of music stars that they figure, at least the veterans have the name and catalog to back 'em up, whereas the newbies will, in all likelihood, not even be around a decade from now? That tells you everything you need to know about the industry’s belief in today’s artists. And, for the most part, can’t say we blame ‘em.

WMG Head Honcho Blows Stock; Price Drops

Earlier this week, Lyor Cohen, the Warner Music Group’s top US exec, sold of a quarter of his holdings in the company (800,000 of hs 3,000,000+ shares) at $8.45 for an approximate total of $6.8 million. (The price of the stock later fell 77 cents to $7.27.) Not bad for a dude that started out in the business as Run DMC’s tour manager, huh? But the gist of this piece of news, as far as we’re concerned, is that WMG’s stock is not even worth $10 a pop. Wow…

Gratuitous Naked Pic of Mary-Louise Parker

No reason. She’s just super hot.

You're welcome.

Oh, and her show Weeds, is pretty cool, too. It airs Monday nights at 10 on Showtime.


The Annex

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will open an annex to its Cleveland hall in New York City’s SoHo district, this November. According to the official press release the Gotham City extension will include the following galleries:

The Hall of Fame, which pays tribute to the artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a signature display of each;

Immersive Theater, an engaging and dynamic movie experience that uses immersive audio and visual technology to highlight some of the most explosive performance moments in rock history including
Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Who and Patti Smith;

Roots & Influences, a visual and musical exhibition on how past music legends haveinfluenced the chart-toppers at the forefront of today’s music scene,
bringing to life musical timelines of genres such as R&B, Hip Hop and Blues Rock;

Moments to Movements, which will highlight particular musical moments that created and defined powerful movements, and showcase many exciting and rare rock items, including a white Vox electric guitar from The Beatles that has never been showcased elsewhere, the necklace Jimi Hendrix wore at the Monterey Pop Festival, and the handwritten lyrics to ‘U.S. Blues’ by the Grateful Dead;

New York Rocks, which will include an oversized interactive map to highlight key locations around New York City that have musical significance, including Studio 54 and The Chelsea Hotel, and will showcase items such as the notebook in which Billy Joel wrote all the lyrics for The Stranger album;

Cleveland Gallery, which will include special exhibits and displays that give visitors a taste of the larger experience at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland; and,

Special Rotating Exhibit, which will feature one select artist or band, with special attention to their time spent in New York City, rotating every six to nine months.

Advance tickets will go on sale in October. (Thanks for saving us the trip to Cleveland!)

Who is The Egyptian Lover? (or The Arabian Prince, for that matter)

We're not embarrassed to say we've never heard of the man the All Music Guide calls "one of the most innovative producers of the old-school/electro era...before Ice-T, N.W.A., and the late Eazy-E made Los Angeles famous (or infamous) for gangsta rap in the late '80s." Nope. Never heard of 'em. You?


Positively (well...) Prospect Park

Concertgoer "Veets" opines on Bob Dylan's Prospect Park performance on Tuesday night:

I was sitting in row H. The sound system was just terrible..booming bass off the drums and upright bass. Combine that with Dylan's mumbley delivery and I can understand comment[s] about not recognizing the tunes.

I won't give you the whole set list because I am sure that it is all over the net but there were many older tunes including "Lay Lady Lay", "Blowin' in the Wind", "Girl from North Country". The vibe in the park was very up. The people who had chair seats were very rude! Keep in mind that we were sitting center, row H. As soon as Dylan appeared, of course, everyone stood up and DIDN'T sit back down!

After a few tunes some people did sit but oddly enough it was the people in front of us (from our row down towards the stage) who mostly stood for the concert. This obscured the view for everyone behind them. If everyone had been seated for each tune and then just got up to cheer the D on between tunes it would have been fine but since the bandshell has no incline, standing up to announce you paid $100 for your ticket ( or much more if you got one from a scalper) was just rude.

Hey...it was what it was.


The New Tributes

One of the most well-intended-but-quickly-turned-rote trends of the '90s was the tribute album: for every decent collection such as The Bridge, or Sgt Pepper Knew My Father, there are dozens like Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin or The Smiths is Dead. (At one point Cleopatra Records was putting out tribute albums like the old K-Tel assembly line in its prime.) Now, there's a twist: with CD sales plummeting the concept is being taken on the road and focused on one--sometimes more--classic albums, and performed by the original artist. In other words, it's practically a tribute to themselves.

Sure, this has been going on for ages. But this year alone Public Enemy, Liz Phair, and the reformed Mission of Burma are among the ones joining the fray. No big surprises there. It's when a decent, but not terribly influential or popular band like Built To Spill goes on the road to perform its most beloved album in its entirety, more than a decade after its release, ypu know something is definitely up. (Touring revenue, for one.)

Billboard has more.

Knockin' on Brooklyn's Door

Bob Dylan will be performing a sold out show tonight in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, mere blocks away from the "5" home base. We will not be in attendance, however. (Don't mean to offend, but aside form a few songs, Mr. Zimmerman doesn't really do it for us.) The date comes at the end of his Modern Times tour.


This Week's Podcast: Episode 5 of The Kiko Jones Experience

Here's the playlist for this week. Subscribe for free and get the podcast on your iTunes as soon as it's uploaded. Check out the sidebar on the right and enjoy!

1. INCLINED "Day At The Races" from the album Bright New Day
2. COLDPLAY "Low" from the album X&Y (Parlophone)
3. THE POSIES "Flavor Of The Month" from the album Frosting On The Beater (DGC)
4. SUPER FURRY ANIMALS "Sidewalk Serfer Girl" from the album Rings Around The World (Sony)
5. DONNY HATHAWAY "Valdez In The Country" from the album Extension Of A Man (Atlantic)
6. BATIMCO "King's Hwy" [self-titled album] (J&N)
7. MIKE VIOLA & THE CANDY BUTCHERS "Unexpected Traffic" from the album Hang On Mike
8. JANE'S ADDICTION "Pigs In Zen" from the album Nothing's Shocking (Warner Bros.)
9. CHEAP TRICK "If You Want My Love [live]" from the album Music For Hangovers (CTU)
10. NaS "Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)" from the album Illmatic
11. TODD RUNDGREN "Does Anybody Love You?" from the album A Wizard, A True Star (Bearsville)
12. LO BORGES "Faça Seu Jogo" [self-titled album] (EMI Brazil)
13. EVERCLEAR "The Laughing World" 2:04 from the album World Of Noise (Tim Kerr/Capitol)
14. THE LEMONHEADS "No Backbone" [self-titled album] (Vagrant)
15. BUDDY GUY "Now You're Gone" from the album Bring 'Em In (Jive)


Grammy and Academy Award-winning legend Isaac Hayes died in Memphis, TN, on Sunday Aug. 10th. The man behind such seminal albums as Hot Buttered Soul and Black Moses--who was rediscovered by a younger generation for his portrayal of "Chef" on the animated favorite South Park--was found unconscious in his home by relatives and later pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Hayes was 65.

Question of the Day

How the hell did The Roots get booked on a side stage at the All Points West Festival, while Kings of Leon went on right before headliner Radiohead on the main stage? What. The. Fuck?!



Award-winning actor/comedian Bernard Jeffery McCullough, best known to audiences as Bernie Mac, died in his native Chicago today of complications from pneumonia.

Mac's lengthy list of credits include
the Ocean's Eleven movies, the Kings of Comedy tour and concert film, and his own sitcom, The Bernie Mac Show. He was 50 years old.


Turn On the Red Light: Police Call it Quits at MSG

Last night was the final show of The Police's 2007-2008 reunion tour, which is said to be their last one ever. (Weren't we told that same thing 20 years ago?) Billboard has the recap of the trio's last stand--complete with setlist--in our own backyard. (And by "backyard" we mean Madison Square Garden.)

Is the 8-Track Fetish Next?

Hell, no. But some people like to dream. And that's OK ...

Costner, Grammer Sued by former Bush Aide for Copyright Infringement

Bradley Blakeman, a former aide to president George W. Bush and a regular political commentator on MSNBC, is suing Disney and the stars of the film Swing Vote (Kevin Costner, Kelsey Grammer) for copyright infringement. Blakeman alleges the movie's concept was lifted almost entirely from his Go, November screenplay. (He also claims to have spoken to Grammer about playing a Republican president--as he does in Swing Vote--in a film version of his work.)

Discounted Tickets for 'Fela!'

We just got an email stating you guys can get $25 tickets for the musical Fela! by going here and entering the code SOCIAL 1, if you're interested. You're welcome.

Free Bob Dylan MP3

"Dreamin' of You" an unreleased track from the upcoming Tell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series 8 is currently available at Mr. Zimmerman's website.

And speaking of free...

Vampire Weekend-free for 37 days...

...and counting.


Stooges Gear Ripped Off

[Mike Watt's missing Gibson EB-3 bass]

Good news and bad news: The rental truck with Iggy and the Stooges' instruments and stage gear, which was stolen after their Monday night show in Montreal, has been found. The bad news: the contents were long gone. Despite this major setback, they'll be playing Wed night in Toronto with borrowed and donated (?) gear.

This is who to contact if you have any info on the missing items. Here's a partial list of the missing/stolen equipment (photos here):

Red Gibson 1963 EB-3 bass (this is mike watt's bass!) USA No serial number
Reverend Flying V guitar - Volcano black USA #08001
Reverend Orange guitar USA 03416 ZSL7
Gibson red SG short scale bass USA No serial number

Marshall Vintage/Modern Amplifier UK M-2007-07-0926-2 RoHS
Marshall Vintage/Modern Amplifier UK M-2007-07-0927-2 RoHS

4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #1 Slant: M-2007-05-0149-0
4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #2 Straight: M-2006-49-0380-0
4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #3 Slant: M-2007-05-0150-0
4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #4 Straight: M-2006-49-0381-0

Guitar pedal board and pedals USA/Japan No serial number
Assorted leads USA/UK No serial number
2x mic stands Germany No serial number
Assorted strings and spares USA No serial number

2x Boss TU2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss CH1 Super Chorus
Fulltone OCD Overdrive
Crybaby Wah
Peterson Strobo-Stomp Tuner Pedal
Whirlwind A/B Boxes
Whirlwind Cable Tester

Gretsch Silver Sparkle Catalina drum kit USA No serial number
26" Kick Drum No serial number
13" Rack Tom No serial number
18" Floor Tom No serial number
4x Cymbal Stands No serial number
1x Snare Stand No serial number
1x Hi Hat Stand No serial number
1x Drum Throne No serial number

Eden D810 Bass cabinet USA D810RP4 0703E5001
Eden D810 Bass cabinet USA D810RP4 0703E5002

Eden VT300 Bass amplifier USA 0601E5115
Eden VT300 Bass amplifier USA 0507E5033

Yamaha snare drum JAPAN No serial number
Yahama kick pedal JAPAN No serial number
Zildjian Mega Bell cymbal USA No serial number
Zildjian 15" Hi-Hats USA No serial number
3x Zildjian 18" 19" 20" crash medium cymbals USA No serial number

Black Epiphone EB3 short scale bass KOREA F300503

A selection of microphones and microphone accessories, most of which are in separately labeled black pouches. All of the microphones are of Shure manufacture, also a BSS DI box.

Also a Ferrari pencil case containing an iPod, iPod accessories, various small cables and adaptors, a Leatherman Charge, a Stooges AAA tour laminate, some pain killers, some sharpies, some electrical tape, some business cards (Mr Rik Hart). Within the case there is also a big pair of Sony headphones (model MDR7506) with a long curly cable and three very long XLR to XLR mic cables.

Here's a more specific list of the microphones (all manufactured by Shure):
2 x SM91
5 x SM98
2 x B98
2 x SM81
2 x KSM32
1 x KSM27
2 x B52
3 x SM57
8 x SM58
1 x BSS AR-133 DI Box

Lollapalooza 2008 Wrap Up

For the fourth year in a row, Glorious Noise's Jake Brown heads off to Lollapalooza. So, how was it this time? Well, he gets existential, offers tips on how to stay cool and mobile, sets down a guideline for the length of festival sets, and explains why Kanye West has restored his "faith in the idea that an outdoor concert could be worth the hassle." Really? Kanye did that? (We doubt he could ever do that for us, but hey...)

And speaking of Chicago...

Wilco's 7th Inning Stretch

Jeff Tweedy and co. sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" last weekend at Chicago's Wrigley Field--the day after their Lollapalooza appearance--and afterwards Tweedy sat down with the Cubs' announcers to talk about the band's upcoming plans.

Pretty cool, but we can't imagine, say, the likes of oh, Sonic Youth chatting with the guys in the booth at either Yankee or Shea Stadium. Hmmm...


Tony award-winning choreographer Bill T. Jones is staging an Off-Broadway musical about legendary Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti--best known simply as Fela--with members of Brooklyn's own lauded purveyors Afro-beat, Antibalas, as part of the musical accompaniment. Titled Fela! the production began performances on August 5th. More info here.

Fela, who would've turned 70 this year, died in 1997.

[Thanks to Carolina Gonzalez for the heads up.]

Clear Channel Has Fire Sale

Yes, now you can purchase you're very own radio station! Due to pesky FCC ownership regulations, the radio behemoth--now owned by a couple of private equity firms--is unloading more than fifty stations in three dozen markets. (See list below.) Don't delay, act now! (If you've got that kind of cash lying around, of course.)

Albuquerque, NM - KTEG, KABQ
Augusta, GA - WIBL
Austin, TX - KFMK
Bakersfield, CA - KDFO
Battle Creek, MI - WBFN-AM
Bismarck/Minot, ND - KRRZ-AM
Charleston, SC - WALC
Cleveland - WAKS
Columbus, GA - WBFA, WSHE-AM
Dayton, OH - WDKF, WDSJ
Eau Claire, WI - WISM
Florida Keys, FL - WKEY, WKEZ
Fort Pierce Area, FL - WCZR, WSYR, WOLL, WQOL
Frederick, MD - WFMD-AM, WFRE
Fresno, CA - KFSO
Grand Rapids, MI - WMAX
Hartford-New Britain-Middletown, CT - WURH
Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY - WBKS, WIRO-AM, WZZW-AM
Jacksonville, FL - WROO
Lancaster, CA - KAVL-AM, KTPI
Laurel-Hattiesburg, MS - WHER
Lexington-Fayette, KY - WMKJ
Lima, OH - WBUK
Little Rock, AR - KHKN
Louisville, KY - WKRD
Macon, GA - WEBL
New Orleans - KYRK
Orlando - WJRR
Panama City, FL - WPBH
Portsmouth-Dover-Rochester, NH - WGIP-AM
Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA - WZBL, WSNZ, WSNV
Salisbury-Ocean City, MD-DE - WDKZ, WLBW
Sussex, NJ - WHCY, WTOC-AM
Syracuse, NY - WWDG
Waco, TX - KBRQ


Metallica Album Tracklisting; Tour Dates

The Rick Rubin-produced Death Magnetic (Warner Bros) will see the light on Friday, Sept. 12th. (Yes, Friday. Let's move on, now.)

Here's the tracklisting:

That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
Broken, Beat & Scarred
The Day That Never Comes *
All Nightmare Long
The Unforgiven III
The Judas Kiss
Suicide & Redemption
My Apocalypse

(* first single)

Meanwhile, the band will hit the road for some select dates prior to the album's release, with surely a gazillion dates afterwards. Here are the confirmed, upcoming dates:

8-09 Dallas, TX - Ozzfest
8-14 Arras, France - Grand d'Arras
8-15 Hasselt, Belgium - Pukkelpop Festival
8-17 Jonschwil, Switzerland - Degenaupark
8-20 Dublin, Ireland - Marlay Park
8-22 Leeds, England - Leeds Festival
8-24 Reading, England - Reading Festival

Our Sister: Juliana Hatfield

The 41 year-old, Les Paul-wielding, indie princess in exile, speaks candidly to PopMatters' Will Layman about her new album How to Walk Away, and her frank, tell-all memoir When I Grow Up. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

"These days I worry about money more. To make this new album I had to go through a big chunk of my savings. It costs a lot of money to make an album in a studio in New York with a producer and musicians. I have to pay a publicist every month. I have to pay for mastering, production, the manufacturing of the discs. Then, to promote an album properly, you have to spend a lot of money. With my last album (Made in China) I didn’t spend much money—I recorded it really fast and cheap and didn’t put much into promoting it. But, then again, no one really heard it.

The great thing about doing it this way is that all the money comes back to me—I don’t have to give any money to a record company. If this record doesn’t sell, I’m kind of screwed. I don’t know if I can ever do this again—this might be my last record if it doesn’t get some attention or doesn’t pay off in some way. Now I’m just hoping I can get some choice licenses—I’m actually praying to get my song on a car commercial or something—movies or TV. That’s the only way for someone like me to make music these days. I don’t expect to sell very many of these because (A) people don’t buy CDs any more, and (B) you know, what are the chances that my record’s gonna take off after all this time? Chances are very, very slim that this record is going to take off."

Breaking Up is Hard to Do (not quite)

Awww, and they were so cute together: SonyBMG are no more. Bertelsmann Music Group will sell its 50% stake in the company to Sony, and the new beast will be called Sony Music Entertainment. "Given the changes in the music market, a quick decision...would be better – for the company, artists, and employees alike," said Bertelsmann chairman and CEO Hartmut Ostrowski, in an open letter. The curent deal is supposedly setting back Sony to the tune of $1.5 billion.

The merging companies' original five-year business plan fell short by a year; the joint venture took off in 2004.

Aimee Mann, Cornball

That is, according to New York magazine, who caught her August 1st show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn.


This Week's Podcast: Episode 4 of The Kiko Jones Experience

The playlist is all new music this time out: a dozen tracks from various 2008 releases. (Click on the links to read our review of the album in question.)

Subscribe for free and get the podcast on your iTunes as soon as it's uploaded. Check out the sidebar on the right and enjoy!

1. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE "I Will Possess Your Heart" (8:26) from the album Narrow Stairs
2. ERIC AVERY "Porchlight" (3:48)
from the album Help Wanted
3. STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS "Out Of Reaches" (4:51)
from the album Real Emotional Trash
4. THE MARS VOLTA "Wax Simulacra" (2:39)
from the album The Bedlam In Goliath
5. CARLA BLEY "Death Of Superman / Dream Sequence #1 - Flying" (7:50)
from the album The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu
6. TIFT MERRITT "Broken" (3:47)
from the album Another Country
7. NADA SURF "I Like What You Say" (3:09)
from the album Lucky
8. SUN KIL MOON "The Light" (7:50)
from the album April
9. THE RACONTEURS "Attention" (3:41)
from the album Consolers Of The Lonely
10. BOB MOULD "Who Needs To Dream" (3:57)
from the album District Line
11. AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB "Decibels And Little Pills" (5:41)
from the album The Golden Age
12. BRIAN BLADE & THE FELLOWSHIP BAND "Rubylou's Lullaby" (4:38)
from the album Season Of Changes

Why People Hate Pitchfork: Reason #722

Unlike others who mock Pitchfork and blame them for every instance of twee, crappy, ‘blog-rock’ out there, we’ve always given them the benfit of the doubt. But sometimes…and today was one of those times.

On the site’s homepage sidebar they tout the debut longplayer from San Diego quartet The Muslims—ooh, clever—stating the “Strokes-like group aims to capitalize on a minor groundswell of hype and deliver a striking debut.” OK. But, if it’s a “striking” release, why did you guys give it a 5.9 out of 10? Was it some bet-hedging, against the possibility of someone actually hearing the unsigned, amateurish recording/playing of this rather non-descript group. Are you guys finally worried that the insidious ‘blog rock’ chickens are coming home to roost? (You know your hands aren’t clean, Pitchfork.) What the hell is wrong with you people, anyway? [groan]

Freeman Injured in Car Accident; Applegate Treated for Breast Cancer

Associated Press:

JACKSON, Miss. - Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was in a hospital in Memphis, Tenn., on Monday after being seriously injured in a car accident near his home in Mississippi.

Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Kathy Stringer said Freeman, 71, is in serious condition. Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Ben Williams said Freeman was driving a 1997 Nissan Maxima belonging to Demaris Meyer of Memphis when the car left a rural highway and flipped several times shortly before midnight Sunday.

"There's no indication that either alcohol or drugs were involved," Williams said. He said both Freeman and Meyer were wearing seat belts. The woman's condition was not immediately available.

Freeman was airlifted to the hospital in Tennessee.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Christina Applegate is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, but the disease was caught early and the actress is expected to fully recover, her publicist said.

The Emmy winner's cancer was detected through an MRI ordered by a doctor and is not life-threatening, publicist Ame Van Iden said in a statement Saturday.

Applegate is scheduled to appear on a one-hour television special, "Stand Up To Cancer," to be aired on ABC, CBS and NBC on Sept. 5 to raise funds for cancer research.

Quote of the Day

"[Weiland] is now officially the Amy Winehouse of rock 'n' roll."

- from The Arizona Republic's review of the July 29th Stone Temple Pilots show in Phoenix, marred by frontman Scott Weiland's drunken antics.

Tom Waits for Everyone

How 'bout another downloadable podcast treat? NPR's got Tom Waits' July 5th show in Atlanta right here.


Lollapalooza 2008

Once again, it's Lollapalooza weekend in Chicago. Radiohead and Stephen Malkmus are among tonight's headliners, with Rage Against the Machine, Wilco, The Toadies (!) and Broken Social Scene leading the pack on Saturday, while Mr. Humility Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails are among those doing the honors on Sunday. Here's the complete schedule.

PS: A certain headliner of the 1991 original festival might be there next year.

Why, Generation Y?

It’s all their fault. The new breed of hipsters—the new “club kids”—with their lame taste in music, regurgitated fashion sense (you’re not fooling anyone with your ‘80s retreads) and insanely short attention spans, have sunk pop culture to the lowest depths of inanity and worthlessness: they are Generation Y (b. 1975-1989), the reality show generation.

Sorry, we just had to let it out a bit.