This Week's Podcast: Episode 16 of The Kiko Jones Experience

As we mentioned before, this February marks the 8th anniversary of "5" which debuted in its original incarnation--an e-mail newsletter--in 2001. We couldn't let the occasion pass, and since February is almost over, we decided to get cracking and put together a podcast. Nothing special, just some tunes we'd been enjoying of late. Enjoy!

THE ROLLINS BAND "Low Self Opinion" from the album The End Of Silence (Imago)
ATMOSPHERE "Always Coming Back Home To You" from the album Seven's Travels (Epitaph)
BRAD "Buttercup" from the album Shame (Epic)
BRIAN WILSON "God Only Knows" [live]
CAFE TACUBA "TrĂ³pico De Cancer" from the album Re (WEA Latina)
THE CURE "A Letter To Elise" from the album Wish (Elektra)
LEWIS TAYLOR "Hide Your Heart Away" from The Lost Album (Hacktone)
JANE'S ADDICTION "Ocean Size" from the album Nothing's Shocking (Warner Bros.)
DAVID S. WARE "African Drums" from the album Surrendered (Columbia)