This Is Why

Frequent "5" readers know of our long-standing love for San Francisco power poppers Jellyfish, the seminal '90s cult band that gave us Jason Falkner and Roger Manning Jr.; introduced many of us to studio collaborator--and these days, noted producer and film composer--Jon Brion; and delighted us with their 2 brilliantly crafted albums Bellybutton [Charisma-1990] and Spilt Milk [Charisma-1993].

Founded by lead-singing, stand-up drummer Andy Sturmer, and keyboardist Manning--both talented songwriters and multi-instrumentalists--the band flirted with mainstream success but disbanded soon after touring behind their sophomore album.

Since then, Sturmer has made very little music of his own but has become an in-demand producer and backup singer, working with Japanese pop stars Puffy Amiyumi, as well as The Merrymakers, and The Black Crowes; Manning formed Imperial Drag with guitarist Eric Dover (who, along with bassist/vocalist Tim Smith was in
Jellyfish's final incarnation) and has played keyboards for Beck, Air, and Blink-182 (!), among others. Falkner is a respected solo artist with various critically-acclaimed albums to his credit, and has also collaborated with the aforementioned Air and The Raconteurs' vocalist/guitarist Brendan Benson.

Arguably their best song, this version of "That is Why"--originally on Bellybutton--was filmed during the Spilt Milk tour (featuring the Sturmer-Manning-Dover-Smith lineup), at their hometown's Warfield Theatre in 1993.


Anonymous said...


How much would you pay for tix to a hypothetical Jellyfish reunion tour?

Me, I'd pay at least $150....


Kiko Jones said...

It depends on the lineup: Sturmer, Manning, and a couple of nobodies...um, not so much. Lineup-wise, the ideal pseudo-reunion--if the principals can bury the hatchet--would be Sturmer-Manning-Falkner-Smith. But I really don't see Jason Falkner doing this. Then again, it's not like he's been rolling in dough, so...

Could this be feasible? Some Jellyfish fan in a position of power/influence at some booking/talent agency should make it happen.

And yeah, $150 would be doable.