This Week's Playlist: Waterworks

This one is self-explanatory. Enjoy!

1. CAFE TACUBA "El Rio" Yo Soy
2. THE CURE "The Same Deep Water as You" Disintegration
3. NICK DRAKE "River Man" Five Leaves Left
4. JUAN CARLOS FORMELL "Agua Bendita" Cemeteries and Desire
5. PETER GABRIEL "Here Comes the Flood" [self-titled album]
6. GIGOLO AUNTS "Pacific Ocean Blues" Pacific Ocean Blues
7. RICHARD HAWLEY "The Ocean" Coles Corner
8. LED ZEPPELIN "The Rain Song" Houses of the Holy
9. ROGER MANNING "Wish it Would Rain" The Land of Pure Imagination
10. XTC "Ballet for a Rainy Day" Skylarking