New Nine Inch Nails Album Online

Starting last night, March 2nd, and for more than a whole month before the physical CD is released on April 8th, Ghosts I-IV, a new instrumental Nine Inch Nails album, will available exclusively from the band's website.

The first nine songs from the 36-track project will be available for download either free or for $5. Taking another page from the Radiohead playbook, Ghosts I-IV will be available in different formats: a 2 CD set, obtainable from the band's site for $10; a deluxe edition in a hardcover fabric slipcase including the 2 audio CDs, a DVD with multi-track files for the music and a Blu-Ray disc with high-definition stereo mixes, for $70; and a $300 "ultra-deluxe limited edition" which is the deluxe version plus a four-LP vinyl set and two Giclee prints, all in "luxurious packaging." This particular version will be limited to a 2,500 copy run and will be personally autographed by NiN's Trent Reznor.

The 2-CD and vinyl sets will each be available at retail on April 8th, while the deluxe versions have a May 1st release date.