GnR Reunion or Did We Just See a Winged Pig?

Guns 'n' Roses reunion rumors are abuzz amidst talk of an imminent breakup of Velvet Revolver—the band that currently includes original Gunners Slash and Duff McKagan, as well as latter-day drummer Matt Sorum—all over the music press. Velvet Revolver vocalist Scott Weiland—who will be reuniting with his former bandmates in Stone Temple Pilots for a tour this summer—has exchanged pointed barbs with Sorum in the media after the former recently declared from the stage the band's current tour to be their last.

And as for that GnR reunion...actually, we're speculating it might happen to promote the release of Chinese Democracy. "When is that", you ask? Well, if we actually knew, then the mystery of the six winning Powerball numbers would be old news to us, now wouldn't it?
As it turns out, the album's delayed release is not Axl's fault [gasp] this time: word is, the band has delivered the record to Geffen Records, who in this dreadful climate for CD sales are carefully pondering how to go about recouping their monumental investment, which some sources place as high as $13 million. Others have suggested Geffen may just cut their losses and refuse to release the album, but this appears to be unlikely. Stay tuned.