The Indie Rock 25: Proceed with Caution

That well-known bastion of all things cutting edge, Entertainment Weekly, has compiled on their website The Indie Rock 25, a list of the two dozen plus albums of the sub-genre they consider to be essential. We don't know if we'd trust the opinion of a magazine that praises the perennially-flat singing of Interpol's Paul Banks--or casually dismisses the blatant Joy Division aping of their debut album--but they do OK, and after all, this is Entertainment-fucking-Weekly we're talking about, anyway. There's not much in the way of surprises--Bee Thousand, Daydream Nation, Doolittle, Let it Be, Loveless, etc etc etc--but there's some interesting pictures accompanying each blurb, including a 20-something year old picture of Dinosaur Jr's original lineup, which makes a case for Lou Barlow being indie rock's Dorian Gray.