When They're 64: The Next Generation of Beatlemaniacs

Todd Totale over at his Glam-Racket blog posted the following on the new Beatles CD reissues and the future of The Beatles' music:
Over the weekend though, I figured out the real significance of these Beatles reissues. It isn’t really about the CDs themselves. I’ve heard a lot of younger listeners state how they were going to pick up the music on iTunes, incorrectly thinking that the material would now be available there.

And really, CD sales are down so much now that not even the Beatles can turn around the sinking ship.

The real impact is with "The Beatles Rock Band," the video game released on the same day. I saw a pair of brothers--probably aged 9 and 12--fiercely concentrating on “Yellow Submarine” at the Best Buy store. It was adorable, but it was also brilliant. In the process of following Ringo and George and watching animated--and historically incorrect: at one point, the band appeared to be playing the song in Shea Stadium--images of Beatlemania, they were becoming familiarized with the band’s material.

Those 9 and 12 year olds may not have a copy from the big brother or parents to be passed down to them. Instead, they have a video game to learn the songs, and they’ll remember them too, long after their Xbox or PS3 or Wii has become obsolete.

Those songs will stay with them.
Yes, they will, Todd. Yes, they will.