Courtney Gives Kurt a Bad Name

The late Kurt Cobain was no deity to be worshiped; simply a flawed man who brought joy and comfort to many thru his art. But since he is no longer with us to make his wishes known, those who are entrusted with guarding his image from schlock commercialism have a solemn responsibility. Well, it seems like these people just don't give a fuck.

How else do you explain a 3-D image of the Nirvana frontman singing along to Jersey hair farmers Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" on Guitar Hero 5? Anyone with even a remote clue of what Cobain was about knows there is no way in hell he would've ever agreed to such a thing. But hey, there's money to be had, right Courtney?

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Todd Totale said...

I don't understand this. I am a passive gamer-meaning I still rock a PS2 and barely have time to play because of work, life, and two kids.
I stopped with GH2-I couldn't justify spending a bunch of cash on games I never had enough time to play.
So does GH5 give you the option to load facsimiles of real rock stars? That is totally fucked up.