Cuban 'Peace Concert' a Big Success

Put together by Colombian pop star Juanes, and featuring a host of Cuban and other Latino music stars, a massive concert called "Peace Without Borders" was staged at Havana's Revolution Square on Sunday, Sept. 20th, drawing some 1.15 million people according to estimates given by organizers. Among the 15 artists also performing were Spanish singer/actor Miguel Bosé, salsa diva Olga Tañon, and Cuba's legendary Los Van Van. (And where were the ever-present, never-miss-a-gig-like-this Black-Eyed Peas, anyway?)

It should be interesting to see if the international, non-Cuban artists--especially the Florida-based--are actually penalized for their participation in this concert/event, as many other have been in the past by the powerful, staunchly anti-Castro, Cuban exile community in South Florida. After all, Miami is the Latino Hollywood, and for mainstream Hispanic artists, pissing off the exiles can have dire consequences. (Juanes, a Miami resident, has been the recipient of boycotts and death threats ever since he announced his intention to put on the concert.)

Let's hope, for their sake, the protesters here in the US, both on and off camera, don't include those with the power to hurt the careers of the artists in question.