Nothing to Harp About

Lately we'd been wondering why our favorite newsstands/bookstores haven't been carrying Harp magazine. And we were ready to accuse them of periodical distribution slackerdom, but before we could embarass ourselves we found out the rock mag had gone under. Since mid-March. Jeez.

We did have a couple of disagreements with the folks over there, notably Mike Edison's nauseating hero worship of The White Stripes' "drummer" Meg White ["Open Letter to Harp Magazine", 5- 8/10/07], and their inaccurate and misinformed piece on rock en espaƱol/latin alternative ["Kiko vs Harp", 5 - 1/30/08], but regardless, we looked forward to and enjoyed reading every issue. (Yeah, even though it only took us 5 months to figure out it was kaput.)

So, Harp is gone. Yet Spin is still out there. [groan]

(Harp's website is still up. Check it out before is goes dodo.)