Young Changes His Mind. Again.

The off and on release of Neil Young's self-curated multi-disc Archives set had been surrounded by all kinds of changes and second guessing, but one thing remained pretty much certain: it was to be released on Blu-ray and not CD. Guess what? He changed his mind. It'll be available in both formats.

"Blu-ray is the future," Young tells Billboard. "It sounds the best, the navigating system is the best. I've made a lot of CDs and we've made a lot of DVDs, and Blu-ray technology is so far superior to anything else. The fact there aren't many players out there now doesn't meant that much to me, because it is the future, so I would rather focus on what's next. If you were to get a Blu-ray of the 'Archive', you would get the best."

Later this year, 10 discs from 1963-1972 will be the first official offering from Archives. When do they come out, you ask? C'mon, did you think old Neil was going to make it easy for ya?