What Took You So Long?

A few months ago, we told you about the recording industry’s bid to have ISPs charge their users an extra $5/mo to offset piracy, um, “file-sharing”. Well, it’s about to happen in the UK, but better: an effort to curtail illegal downloading 80% by 2011 has been outlined and looks to be put into effect by the government. It will involve the suspension and/or termination of internet service on the part of the ISPs, for repeat file-sharing offenders. The agreement includes the music and film industries as well as ISPs.

According to The Guardian, the three step process would involve “an ‘educational’ letter…sent to customers explaining the account abuse. If a customer was identified a second time, their account would be suspended until an undertaking promising no more illegal use was signed. A third breach would result in cancellation of their internet account.”

They should've done this at least 5 years ago. (Oh, and three chances is one too many, in our book.) No word on whether there will be equivalent US measures. (We hope so.)