Michael Jackson: Our Favorite Tribute

i saw michael jackson when i was about 8 years old, with my dad, jackson 5 live at the richmond coliseum...michael jackson was my first rock star. i had the records, the posters, watched the cartoon, had the 'goin back to indiana' record and tv special memorized. he was this 8-10 year old's james brown.

about 2/3 of the way through the school year, the jackson 5 came to town. my dad took me. can still feel the excitement hangin in the nosebleeds watchin tito storm the stage w/ gtr in hand. was a magical moment when michael came out. 8 year me screaming. bout halfway through the show, a group of black kids approached us. i lost it, yelled to my dad, "these guys go to school with me!" they were flummoxed I was there, me likewise. my dad ended up emptying his wallet buying popcorn & sodas for everyone. we had a fucking blast. and next day at school, i ended up being the white dude who knew the black dudes.

- GodIHateYourBand on growing up a Michael Jackson fan in 1970s Virginia. And the almighty, motherfucking power of music to bridge gaps; racial and otherwise.