Artie Lange vs Joe Buck

We finally caught a rerun of HBO's Joe Buck Live, the initial foray into talk show land by the noted sportscaster, which has attained a certain level of notoriety due to the infamous appearance of Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lang on the show's debut.

For those of you yet to see it, Lange seemed to have forgotten he wasn't on Stern's show, and his crude and unfunny hijacking of a brief segment was more lame than controversial and undoubtedly out of place. How this guy happens to have a career is one of those perennial headscratchers.

As for JBL itself, it's definitely a work in progress and it showed. However, with only 4 shows per calendar year scheduled, it will either never get its bearings or will probably be markedly reworked and hopefully infused with a bit more of life. We'll see...

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