Milestones: Dogman



After three promising albums (including Gretchen Goes To Nebraska, which many consider their finest moment); opening slots on tours with the likes of AC/DC and Pearl Jam, not to mention a kick-ass performance at Woodstock ’94; prominent MTV exposure --the video for “It’s Love”--and the backing of a major label, it seemed that the Texas-based hard rockers would finally get their due with Dogman. After all, über producer Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine) was on board for this one and King’s X’s top-notch songwriting and playing were very much in evidence.
Oh, yes: the kick-in-the-stomach whomp of the title track; the monster riffs and spot-on harmonies of “Shoes”; the sadly beautiful “Flies and Blue Skies”; the defiant, funky “Black The Sky”; and the made-for-radio “Fool You”, just to name a few. But it was not to be: Dogman did not “perform” (ie, sell) as well as Atlantic Records had hoped and the band was soon dropped from the label's roster.

While they’ve never again reached the levels of their mid ’90s exposure, King’s X remains active and is the object of affection of one of the most devoted and loyal fan bases out there. If you already own Dogman take it out for a spin and remember why you got it in the first place. And if you’re checking it out for the first time, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering why the hell you didn’t get around to it before.

Highlights: see above