Why People Hate Pitchfork: Reason #722

Unlike others who mock Pitchfork and blame them for every instance of twee, crappy, ‘blog-rock’ out there, we’ve always given them the benfit of the doubt. But sometimes…and today was one of those times.

On the site’s homepage sidebar they tout the debut longplayer from San Diego quartet The Muslims—ooh, clever—stating the “Strokes-like group aims to capitalize on a minor groundswell of hype and deliver a striking debut.” OK. But, if it’s a “striking” release, why did you guys give it a 5.9 out of 10? Was it some bet-hedging, against the possibility of someone actually hearing the unsigned, amateurish recording/playing of this rather non-descript group. Are you guys finally worried that the insidious ‘blog rock’ chickens are coming home to roost? (You know your hands aren’t clean, Pitchfork.) What the hell is wrong with you people, anyway? [groan]