Positively (well...) Prospect Park

Concertgoer "Veets" opines on Bob Dylan's Prospect Park performance on Tuesday night:

I was sitting in row H. The sound system was just terrible..booming bass off the drums and upright bass. Combine that with Dylan's mumbley delivery and I can understand comment[s] about not recognizing the tunes.

I won't give you the whole set list because I am sure that it is all over the net but there were many older tunes including "Lay Lady Lay", "Blowin' in the Wind", "Girl from North Country". The vibe in the park was very up. The people who had chair seats were very rude! Keep in mind that we were sitting center, row H. As soon as Dylan appeared, of course, everyone stood up and DIDN'T sit back down!

After a few tunes some people did sit but oddly enough it was the people in front of us (from our row down towards the stage) who mostly stood for the concert. This obscured the view for everyone behind them. If everyone had been seated for each tune and then just got up to cheer the D on between tunes it would have been fine but since the bandshell has no incline, standing up to announce you paid $100 for your ticket ( or much more if you got one from a scalper) was just rude.

Hey...it was what it was.