Note to VH1 Classic

As long as you play videos by the likes of Poison and Bang Tango (!) during the show, you need to call Metal Mania something else. Agreed?

Nice touch showing the
Woodstock movie during the festival's 39th anniversary (yikes!), by the way. It's always heart-warming to see Max Yasgur addressing the crowd from the stage ("The important thing that you've proven to the world...is that a half million young people can get together and have nothing but fun and music and I God Bless You for it!"), as well as that touching scene with the affable Porto-San guy, whose one son is at the concert, while the other's in Vietnam.

Sidebar: Will promoters resurrect the concert next year for a 40th anniversary cash-in? (Michael Lang is still in the concert business, but we're looking at you Live Nation.)