Reunited, And It Feels So…hmmm

In the last few years bands as diverse as Gang of Four, Killing Joke, The Pixies, The Police, Stone Temple Pilots, Wire, etc. etc. etc. have been jumping on the reunion bandwagon. Some to cash in, relive old times or to rekindle a creative partnership; whatever the reason may be. But here’s the thing: at least stay away long enough to miss you.

According to their record company’s press release, beloved Argentine rockers Los Fabulosos Cadillcas will reunite and work on a new album and tour extensively, “following a six-year hiatus”. How do you ‘reunite’ after just “a six-year hiatus”? Especially in this era of three years between albums being the norm. Fellow Argentines Soda Stereo reunited last year, a decade after their 1997 farewell tour, and while the news of their re-teaming was a nice surprise, it didn’t feel like they’d been gone that long. Bands shouldn’t be able to reunite unless 15 years have passed. There, we’ve said it. Otherwise, it feels like a cheap marketing ploy, regardless of the intent.

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godihateyourband said...

we've deliberated over here at GIHYB for the last 6 hours. while we feel The Sonics 39/40 years should be the bellwether, we reluctantly sign on board for the 15 ... unless a) scott weiland was in the band in question or b) the foo fighters ever decide to break up ... wow, a foo reunion tour! who'd have thought it possible?. godspeed!