Is 'Smooth Jazz' Dead?

Will Kenny G finally get a day job? PopMatters' Will Layman ponders the inevitable.


el pueblo said...

I honestly don't think its going to go away; a lot of people like that shit.
I'm not particularly crazy about it, but I don't knock the musicians that have earned a living at it. The great guitarist George Benson, yes "the great" (if anybody doubts his greatness they can go back to his straight-ahead jazz records) has made TONS of money in smooth jazz, and he came from the "real" jazz world. A world in which he would have not made 1/4 of what he now owns, and that quarter would have probably had been supplemented with having to teach guitar.
So basically I hate the genre but I cant hate on someone's hustle. Besides, its not like the "real" jazz is a better way to make a living nowadays for a musician.

Kiko Jones said...

Yeah, Benson practically invented smooth jazz with "Breezin'", which is still a smokin' track. The sad thing is that most of that music is not even jazz: it's instrumental pop! (Yes, I'm looking at you, Mr. G.)

Nonetheless, we are in complete agreement, Pueblo.

(PS: Benson is one of the nicest cats around, btw.)