What I Did On My Break (um, strike)

Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, if you are My Name is Earl creator/executive producer Greg Garcia you worked at a fast food joint for a month during the Writers Guild of America's strike. Yes, you read right: a fast food joint.

Garcia anonymously took up a job at an undisclosed restaurant as a cashier and janitor in an effort to "get back in touch" with his audience. Garcia was so good at his temporary occupation and "they liked me so much they asked me to join their management team." He did come clean with his employer and co-workers at the end of his stint when he turned in his uniform and promised them it was not some stunt or exposé but just something he wanted to do. (That and give a $10, 000 check to a fellow employee he befriended.) "After we spoke, they felt good about the whole thing. And so did I."