Revolution Rock

A new DVD titled The Clash Live: Revolution Rock, will be released by Epic/Legacy on April 15th. PBS will show excerpts next month. Produced by longtime Clash associate, filmmaker Don Letts, the film spans the years 1977-1983 and features often talked about live performances from the era, including NYC's Bond's in '81, Shea Stadium in 82, the US Festival in '83, and various noteworthy TV appearances.

"Complete Control" (From "The Essential Clash")
"I Fought the Law" (Jan. 1979, London Lyceum)
"Police & Thieves" (Jan. 1980, Aylesbury Friars)
"What's My Name" (Nov. 1977, Manchester Elizabethan Suite)
"Capitol Radio One" (Nov. 1977, Manchester Elizabethan Suite)
"White Riot" (April 1977, Beaconsfield Studios)
"I'm So Bored With the U.S.A." (Nov. 1978, Manchester Apollo)
"London's Burning" (April 1978 London Victory Park)
"1977" (April 1977, Beaconsfield Studios)
"(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais" (July 1978 Glasgow Apollo)
"Tommy Gun" (1978)
"Safe European Home" (July 1978, London Music Machine)
"London Calling" (June 1981, New York Bonds International Casino)
"Clampdown" (Feb. 1980, Lewisham Odeon)
"The Guns of Brixton" (April 1980, "Fridays")
"Train in Vain" (Feb. 1980, Lewisham Odeon)
"This Is Radio Clash" (June 1981, "The Tomorrow Show")
"The Magnificent Seven" (June 1981, "The Tomorrow Show")
"Brand New Cadillac" (Feb. 1982, Tokyo Sun Plaza)
"Should I Stay or Should I Go" (Oct. 1982, New York Shea Stadium)
"Know Your Rights" (May 1983, US Festival)
"Career Opportunities" (Oct. 1982, New York Shea Stadium)