Some Kind of Anger

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the release of, arguably, the most polarizing record in the Bay Area quartet's catalog--until Lulu [Warner Bros-2011] came along, of course--their first of the 21st century; first without long-time bassist Jason Newsted; last on Elektra records; and final installment of the Bob Rock era (1991-2003). Its recording also served as the backdrop for the controversial Some Kind of Monster documentary.

Although St. Anger's songs have completely disappeared from Metallica's set lists in the last 5 years--the lone exception being the 30th anniversary concerts in 2011--and critical rehabilitation has yet to set in, the most common complaints by old school, die-hard fans (ballads; four minute, radio friendly tunes; musical experimentation) are nowhere to be found on this one. Go figure. Guess that snare sound really pissed people off, huh?