Nothing's Shocking...But Still Fun

Live in NYC

While about to check the tracklisting for the new Jane’s Addiction live album we found ourselves wondering if a particular track would be on this release. And there it was: “Whores”, the fiery non-studio track originally on their debut full-length, the self-titled live album [XXX-1988], placed here as the leadoff track. A pleasant surprise but not an unexpected one, on an album with very few, if any unforeseen selections. And understandably so. 

But one of them is the stripped down version of their hit “Been Caught Stealing”, which deprived of all the bells and whistles of the recorded version actually sounds like a trademark hard rockin’ Jane’s Addiction song if a bit generic.

Otherwise, the guys chose to stick to the big guns: “Ocean Size”, “Three Days” “Mountain Song”, “Stop!” and of course, “Jane Says” are all here—as well as token songs from their catalog: “Just Because” from Strays [Capitol-2003] and "Irresistible Force (Met the Immovable Object)" from The Great Escape Artist [Capitol-2011], the latter being the only entry from an album they were ostensibly promoting at the time. Obviously, Live in NYC was not intended to be a document of said tour but more a snapshot of a veteran band performing the highlights of their repertoire while demonstrating they still can capture the power and majesty of their younger days on any given night.

[Album cover artwork courtesy of the All Music Guide.]