Why Didn't We Think of That?

The lagging sales of recorded music is of no surprise to anyone these days, but one particularly successful commercial tie-in of the past seems to be especially hurting: the movie soundtrack album.

We briefly touched on this subject a while back, but a comment made on a recent Idolator post regarding soundtrack sales had a great proposal which not only caught our attention but made us wonder why this hasn't been adopted as a widespread practice:

"The record labels should make physical albums available for purchase at the movie theaters where the films are being played. This is a long overdue concept and I think that its just one example of how labels need to be more proactive with their marketing."

Um, yeah. It's a way better idea than selling albums at Starbucks, for instance. But would it be too little, too late at this point? Maybe. But with record sales being pretty lean it's a suggestion definitely worth looking into.