Play Nice, Boys (on second thought...)

While they surely won’t be making friends in Brooklyn’s haunts of hipsterdom, New Jersey-based Armor for Sleep have unleashed their disdain for public offender no.1 with new single “Williamsburg” off their most recent album Smile for Them (Sire). A powerful tune reminiscent of late melodic hard rockers Injected, it strikes us as the kind of rockers the Foo Fighters should've been aiming for on Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace… Anyway, here’s a sampling of the lyrics to “Williamsburg”:

Passed out, sleeping at your party/Dream of leaving in the morning /You will all die in Williamsburg/Too hip to even clean your nose out/Your grave is pulling at your pants now/You will all die in Williamsburg...

Brooklyn's a death bed/For clones of the same kid/Stuck in the party/That was lame to begin with...

Needless to say, as non-fans of the fauxhemia and trustafarian-infested landscape that has come to define Broooklyn for the rest of the world during this decade, we share the sentiment. Actually, we think Billyburg got off easy. Ha! But, regardless, the song rocks and that is what matters first and foremost.

Here’s the video (with its Hipster 101 classrooms and ettiquette, all that's missing is the ubiquitous cocaine bump):