More Like 73. Maybe.

This summer, Steve Carell will star as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, in the feature length motion picture of the 60's TV spy sitcom Get Smart. Co-starring as his sexy sidekick, Agent 99, is Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway? The chick that always looks like she just took off her glasses? Yeah, she's cute, but really?
Word has it that Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Rachel McAdams were both in the running. Love-Hewitt? Nah. Maybe 5 years ago. McAdams on the other hand is absolutely yummy and has the right amount of sexiness that would've made her great for the part. Oh, well...

And yes, we should be questioning the need for making the movie itself instead of the hotness of the co-star, but we're guys, so...apologies to our female readers.

Get Smart opens June 20th.

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