Foo For Thought

As his band’s videos can attest to, he can get a little too comfortable with silliness. And more often than not the Foos’ songs can be a tad basic and plain. But the guy has written a few gems over the years—especially on the first three albums—and he’s one of rock and roll’s true believers. At a time in which so-called artists are using their fame to lend their names to fragrances and fashion lines, Dave Grohl has used his clout and celebrity superpowers for good. He could be marketing “Everlong” anti-perspirant, do a “My Hero” tie-in with a sub shop, or use "This is a Call" to sell Android phones. But no. 

Yes, he’s taken advantage of his status to live out his teenage bedroom rock and roll fantasies and play with a number of his heroes—the guy has Paul McCartney on speed dial, jams with Rush, drinks with Lemmy, and is in a band with a member of Led Zeppelin, for Pete’s sake!—but he also invests his time and money in documentaries about the magic of music, basically. So, while we harbor a few minor gripes about the guy, as far as current rock stars go, we could do much worse.