Sorry, No Billy Batson Here

[Photo courtesy of The Shazam]
The Shazam (self-titled) 
[Not Lame-1998]

Godspeed The Shazam 
[Not Lame-1999]

Rev 9 
[Not Lame-2000]

Tomorrow the World 
[Not Lame-2003]

[Not Lame/New Boss-2009]

One of the most perplexing things about the music biz is how, save a few aberrations, a style so innately catchy and melodic has been perpetually relegated to cult/underground status. That’s been largely the burden power pop has had to bear over the years despite its potentially commercial promise. Regardless, we’re not going to delve more into that sob story but instead introduce you to another ‘shoulda been huge’ act: The Shazam.

Based in Nashville and led by vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Hans Rotenberry, these guys have been at it since the late ‘90s, with 5 high caliber albums to their credit. And contrary to many practitioners of this particular subgenre, about whom we've regularly balked at how they routinely sacrifice power for pop, The Shazam pass that test with flying colors. In fact, never shying away from the more bombastic sounds of the ‘70s means their music bears the mark of Cheap Trick, The Move and The Who; while hiring Mack (Queen, ELO) to produce their 5th and most recent album, Meteor, leaves no doubt where the quartet's sensibilities lie.

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