Where's the Title Track? (15 Misnomers)

1. AC/DC "If You Want Blood, You've Got It"  
Let us refer you to side 2 of Highway to Hell.    

2. BEE GEES "Cucumber Castle"  
So, let's see if we got this right: "Cucumber Castle" appeared on Bee Gees 1st, which is actually their third, and not on the Cucumber Castle album from 1970?    

3. BLUE OYSTER CULT "Blue Oyster Cult"  
This is one has a doozy of a story. Suffice to say, it's on the Imaginos album from 1988.    

4. JULIAN COPE "World Shut Your Mouth"  
If you bought the album of the same name looking for this '80s college radio classic, you were probably righteously bummed to find out it's on the Saint Julian album instead.    

5. DEF LEPPARD "On Through the Night"  
It's on High 'n' Dry but not on the debut album named after it.    

6. DIRE STRAITS "Making Movies"  
The title track of the album from when this band will still considered a college radio-type outfit (!) has only appeared on bootlegs.    

7. THE DOORS "Waiting for the Sun"  
Nope. But two albums later it showed up on Morrison Hotel.    

8. FLEETWOOD MAC "Fleetwood Mac"  
According to lore, the song was an instrumental written by Peter Green before the band even existed. And despite the band having 2 self-titled albums (!) the song appears on neither (!!) but is included in some of the various compilations out there.    

9. FOO FIGHTERS "The Colour and the Shape"  
Appeared as a European and Australian b-side.    

10. ROBYN HITCHCOCK & the EGYPTIANS "Queen Elvis"  
Showed up on the next album, Eye.    

11. LED ZEPPELIN "Houses of the Holy"  
Try Physical Graffiti instead.    

12. QUEEN "Sheer Heart Attack"  
Guess again. Yeah, News of the World.    

13. SMASHING PUMPKINS "Siamese Dream"  
Like the Foo Fighters example above this one was recorded for its namesake album but was relegated to b-side status.    

14. THE SMITHEREENS "Especially for You"  
The band's full-length debut had its title track show up on their sophomore album Green Thoughts.    

15. FRANK ZAPPA and the MOTHERS OF INVENTION "Absolutely Free"  
Dunno if Zappa thought the title track of his sophomore album would work best as a track on his third, We're Only in it For the Money, but that's where it resides.