Marketing Over Music. Again.

Recently the folks at HypeBot published a "lightly edited and condensed transcript" of what we feel is a quite hyperbolic and misleading interview they conducted with Jack Conte, one half of You Tube sensations Pomplamoose, in which Conte explains the band's success in terms more useful to folks interested in designing apps, selling soap or the distribution of some random assembly line product. Music? Hmm...probably not.

Then again, if you feel comfortable adopting one of their key mantras, which is that you should be "trying a million things until something works", more commonly and vulgarly known as 'throw shit on the wall until it sticks', then your ideas about creativity might actually align with theirs, particularly, "if it's not a hit, switch".

So, the folksinger thing not panning out? Try metal. Or give electronica a whirl. How 'bout jazz? Dancefloor diva, perhaps? Ugh. By the way, speaking of the triumph of style over substance...

To put it mildly, Lady GaGa has never been a saint of our devotion 'round these parts. But we probably won't be knocking her anymore. After all, we live in a world in which a talented, piano-playing, singer/songwriter has to wear a meat dress and play the 'shock value' card to get both the industry and the masses to notice her, so who's fault is that?