Delco: Visionaries or Clowns?

Madrid-based rockers Delco, are celebrating the release of their second album Radiohead-style: inviting fans to pay what they please, but for their live shows rather than a disc. Basically, after the band's performance, you place in a container whatever amount of money you think the boys deserve for the show.

Good grief.

Listen, everyone should be able to do as they like with their music, but we’ve always felt the stage is where the audience rewards you for being in agreement with your music; they liked what they heard on your record and now want to peel off a couple of bills to see your perform said music.

But like everything, there are always those rodents hoping to take advantage and not pay for the efforts of others. (Hence music piracy.) That's why in these times, when recorded music sales represent a less than ever reliable source of revenue, it seems crazy to embark on a live pay-what-you-want situation. What's more, after years getting little or no financial remuneration to speak of, to pass around the hat once again seems somewhat ridiculous and reminds us of the saying about being "more of a papist than the Pope.”

However, in Delco’s specific case we see it more as 'gimmick' to attract people than otherwise. Particularly since these shows were to promote the release of the album and it's doubtful they’ll try this in a continuous manner on the road without a sponsor of some sort.

Meanwhile, here's a track from their debut: