Foos Love the '70s

During the tours for their self-titled debut [Roswell-1995], The Color and the Shape [Roswell-1997], and There's Nothing Left to Lose [Roswell-1999], we saw the Foo Fighters live 5 times.

But after those first 3 albums only a handful of songs have managed to capture our interest; what they have done since then seems like a better version of Nickelback, nothing more. (And we never dug Dave Grohl's comedic / slapstick vibe, which absolutely ruined the video for "Everlong".)

But just when we thought we'd dispatched the Foos in a dusty trunk to the recesses of our musical attic, we come across this clip which manages to temporarily rekindle our allegiance to them with; this "fuck you" to the alleged unspoken rules of cuuent day concertgoing, ones that only metal bands care to confront to these days: Grohl and fellow guitarist Chris Schiffet face each other in a six-string duel; and Taylor Hawkins goes on an all out drum solo; all this as if it were 1972. Sweet.