The Kiko Jones Experience: Episode 17 - The '00s

Back by popular demand: Here's the playlist for this special edition of the podcast: 90 minutes dedicated to featuring some of our faves from the last ten years. Enjoy!

1. SPOON “Don't You Evah” from the album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga [Merge]
2. GUSTAVO CERATI “Uno Entre 1000” from the album Ahí Vamos [BMG US Latin]
3. THE CURE “Before Three” self-titled album [Geffen]
4. AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB “The Sleeping Beauty” from the album The Golden Age [Merge]
5. MIKE VIOLA & THE CANDY BUTCHERS “Kiss Alive II” from the album Hang On Mike [RPM/Sony]
6. THE LEMONHEADS “Poughkeepsie” self-titled album [Vagrant]
7. WILCO “I'm The Man Who Loves You” from the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [Nonesuch]
8. FREELOADER “Minutes Past” from the album Cantina Claqueur [JSS]
9. NELSON POKET “Las Bombas Del Armagedón” from the EP Bonanza [La Viuda Negra]
10. THE MARS VOLTA “Wax Simulacra” from the album The Bedlam In Goliath [Universal]
11. ROGER MANNING JR. "Pray For The Many" from the album The Land Of Pure Imagination [RJM/Pony Canyon]
12. TEARS FOR FEARS “Call Me Mellow” from the album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending [Universal]
13. MATTHEW SWEET “The Ocean In-Between” from the album Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu [RCAM]
14. FINN’S MOTEL “Recent Linear Landscapes” from the album Escape Velocity [Scat]
15. STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS “Trojan Curfew” self-titled album [Matador]
16. ALEX FERREIRA “A Ciencia Cierta” from the EP Serenata De Plástico [WEA Spain]
17. 12 RODS “Marionette” from the album Separation Anxieties [V2]
18. ROBERT POLLARD “The Killers” from the album Standard Gargoyle Decisions [Merge]
19. BRAD MEHLDAU “When It Rains” from the album Largo [Warner Bros]
20. BRENDAN BENSON “Metarie” from the album Lapalco [Star Time]
21. TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS “Old Souls Know” from the EP Mo' Living [Merge]
22. TV ON THE RADIO "Providence" from the album Return To Cookie Mountain [Interscope]
23. IRON & WINE “Carousel” from the album The Shepherd's Dog [SubPop]
24. NADA SURF “Blizzard Of '77” from the album Let Go [Barsuk]
25. SUPER FURRY ANIMALS “Sidewalk Serfer Girl” from the album Rings Around The World [Epic]
26. THE RACONTEURS “Five On The Five” from the album Consolers Of The Lonely [Third Man/Warner Bros]
27. BECK “The Golden Age” from the album Sea Change [DGC]

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