SNL Movies Box Office Ranking

According to Wikipedia, these are the top 5 box office draws
among the Saturday Night Live-based/inspired flicks:

1. Wayne’s World (1992) $121.6m
2. The Blues Brothers (1980) $57m
3. Wayne’s World 2 (1993) $48m
4. Superstar (1999) $30.6m
5. A Night at the Roxbury (1998) $30.3m

Anyone as surprised as we are with #s 4 and 5?

Interesting tidbits:

- The original Wayne's World is not only the highest grossing but also the most profitable of the SNL movies, bringing in $121m on a $20m budget. (The sequel, on the other hand, brought in $48m with a $40m budget.) The remaining three in the top 5 brought in approximately twice as much, give or take a few million dollars, than what their budget was.

- It's Pat! (1994) is the lowest grossing SNL sketch-based movie by far, with a box office gross of $60K. It was also pulled from theatres during its first week.