Now on Channel 86: Recently Cancelled TV Shows

Close to 40 network TV shows just got canceled this week. The pulling of the plug for some of them was unexpected, others deserved it, but in the end, they all got the ax. Here are some notable ones not coming back next season:

"My Name is Earl" (NBC)
Thought this one was popular and doing quite well. Guess we were wrong.

"Samantha Who?"
Caught this Christina Applegate vehicle one once or twice; were not impressed.

"Boston Legal" (ABC)
Killer show; too bad it's gone. But syndication--already in effect--should whet any appetites for this one.

Man, this thing was the medical "Law and Order": 15 seasons. Should generate even more moolah than it already has in syndication.

"King of the Hill" (FOX)
Two words: Abe Vigoda. We didn't even know they still made new episodes of this one.

"Prison Break"
(See "King of the Hill")

"Kath & Kim"
This Molly Shannon-starring comedy had disaster written all over it, from the get-go, in our humble opinion. Looks like TV-watching folks concurred.

"Sit Down, Shut Up"
Wow, this animated series only got 4 episodes aired before it got dropped. We saw the first 2 and enjoyed 'em. Oh, well...