Stone Revisited

[So, let's crack open the "5" vault and take a look back at an album released exactly 6 years ago today, one that fell through the cracks and undeservedly so. No, not that one.]



Talk about bad timing: after much speculation, the rock (heh, heh) upon which the Pearl Jam foundation rests, Stone Gossard finally released his own solo album on Sept. 11th, 2001. A much more laid back affair than those by his sadly overlooked side project Brad, Gossard goes for a Stonesy, funky vibe, even dabbling in reggae on the infectious “Cadillac”. Assisted by a handful of buddies that include singer/songwriter Pete Droge and one-time Pearl Jam drummer and studio mainstay Matt Chamberlain, Gossard plays guitar, bass, piano, drums as well as singing lead on seven of the albums ten tracks. This is a solo album, in the best of ways: loose, unpolished, with good songs and a bunch of talented friends doing them justice. Bayleaf may only be of interest to staunch Pearl Jam fans which is too bad. This one's got some groovy tunes for one and all.