What We've Been Reading

Nueva York: the Complete Guide to Latino Life in the Five Boroughs
Carolina González and Seth Kugel
(St. Martin's Griffin)
Yes, a big chunk of it is about food—not that there's anything wrong with that—but the authors often go out of their way, literally, to check out a few off-the-beaten-path music venues and night clubs; and the section titled "The ABCs of Latin Music" is an on-point, 5 page summary/primer that should be read by anyone interested in learning the basics of "ñ" music. Another worthy section, "Latino New York: Now on DVD or in a Bookstore Near You" is self-explanatory and highlights a few overlooked gems from the worlds of film and print. Bottom line: these guys truly know their stuff. (Full disclosure: We are friends of the authors and did some minor research for the book.)
An informative and entertaining read that captures the essence of Latino NYC in its many and diverse manifestations, this is the rare guide that is indispensable for both natives and newcomers alike.
Highly recommended.