Ramones Drummer Loses Royalties Lawsuit

Richie Ramone (Richard Reinhardt) who played drums for The Ramones from 1983-1987 has lost a lawsuit contending he was owed in the vicinity of $1 million dollars in digital royalties for the six songs he wrote for the group: "Smash You", "Somebody Put Something in My Drink", "Human Kind", "I'm Not Jesus", "I Know Better Now" and "(You) Can't Say Something Nice". ("Somebody Put Something in My Drink", from the Animal Boy album, is a particular favorite of ours.) The presiding judge ruled that the wording "now or hereafter known" included in the contract referred to future formats, as well as phonographic records, and thus, the contract covered the digital domain.
One question: Who represents the Ramones estate? With 3/4 of the original Ramones now deceased (that would be Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee) do original drummer Tommy Ramone, and long-standing drummer Marky Ramone have a say? Or is it the individual estates of, primarily, Joey and Johnny the ones in charge? Just curious...