Morning Sickness or Why Mainstream American Music Magazines Are Irrelevant (reason # 6,743)

No one on the "5" staff is pregnant but the thought of lame-ass, posers Vampire Weekend on the cover of a major music magazine--even a pathetic one, like Spin--is enough to make us lose our breakfast. Bullshit...
But wait, it gets worse. They aren't even the main offenders (and they're not a music mag either): chucklehead soft, soft porn bible Maxim published a David Peisner review of The Black Crowes' latest album, Wairpaint (Silver Arrow) who, as it turns out hadn't even heard it!
The band called them on it and according to their website, "when approached for an explanation, the magazine described the review as 'an educated guess preview'."
For the record, the "review" is in the same issue--March 2008--which proclaims that the scantily clad, diminutive, raccoon-eyed, Gap-punk priestess on the cover, Avril Lavigne, "rocks". Yeah. Uh-huh. So there you have it...

[Warpaint will be released on March 4th.]