Today’s Playlist

Something new for you folks: a variation on our What We're Listening To post with 10-song playlists recommended for your iPod or other portable MP3 player of your choice. They will be either themed or randomly put together--like this one--and posted on a regular basis. (WWLT will also be posted regularly.) Enjoy!

1. DOVETAIL JOINT “Beautiful” 001
2. JUMBO “Uno de Estos Dias” Superficie
3. TONIGHT AT NOON "It's About That Time" MySpace track

4. BATIMCO “Kings Highway” Batimco
5. BEN FOLDS FIVE “Army” The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
6. BLINKER THE STAR “I Am A Fraction” August Everywhere
7. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE “Love and Mathematics” Feel Good Lost
8. THE CARDIGANS “Losers” First Band on the Moon
9. CHEAP TRICK “Bontosaurus” CD single
10. THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN "Tonight We Mean It" The Dismemberment Plan is Terrified