Pitchfork Reviews Sade's Latest (gives it a 7.0)

Too cool for school P-fork checking out the bedroom queen's new album? And giving it a good review?! Repent, the end is nigh!

Seriously, PF's Jess Harvell does bring up an interesting point:

For decades, pop fans have been mistaking reserve for repression, and composure for lack of soul. In 2010, though, things seem to be changing, at least a little. Describing something as "smooth" no longer sets off the same alarms for younger listeners, or younger critics. And Sade's Solider of Love is kind of a litmus test in that regard. Sade hasn't changed, and Solider of Love will likely be the year's most relaxing album. But will listeners reared to expect the immediate gratification of rock or rap go for music that hovers tremulously on the edge of both pleasure and pain?

We actually caught her appearance on Letterman this week, in which she performed the album's title track, "Soldier of Love", and were not immediately captivated by it. A couple more spins maybe? (Oh, and btw, Sade's last studio album, Lovers Rock [Epic] was released in 2000. And before that it was Love Deluxe [Epic] in 1992. Boy, have you been missed lady!)

But we did get a kick out of the still super hot 51 year old (!) being awkwardly ogled by Dave. ("I need a drink", he blurted after greeting her.) Man, not even with his recent sexual escapade scandal could he hide his horn dog nature. Ha!

[Did Dave actually say Craig Kilborn at the end?]