From Snoop Dogg and Soundgarden to Snooki and The Situation: MTV Removes 'Music Television' from its Name; Surprises No One

LA Times:
[T]his week the 29-year-old network bowed to the inevitable and finally scraped the legend "Music Television" off its corporate logo.

The change was a belated acknowledgment of what has been obvious for years: MTV has evolved into a reality channel that occasionally runs programs that have to do with music.

But the shift is significant because, in an era of rapid technological change and microscopic attention spans, how networks identify themselves matters more than ever, experts say.

MTV "realized being 'music television' was too limiting," said Dave Howe, president of Syfy, home of such series as "Stargate Universe" and the now-defunct "Battlestar Galactica." Howe says the right brand is essential "to cut through the noise and clutter of the media explosion" bedeviling the TV industry.
You know you've sunk to even lower depths when you're getting props from the dude who changed Sci-Fi's name to SyFy. Good grief, man.

The Real World...so much to answer for.