Milestones: 'Prince'

[Our series of posts on albums, movies, etc that celebrate significant anniversaries this year continues. - KJ]

[Warner Bros-1979]

Most of the recorded studio output of Minneapolis’ pint-sized monarch has been a one-man show from the start, but it's arguably his sophomore album on which he pulls it off better than the rest.
On a personal note, this was our introduction to Prince and has over the years remained very near and dear to our hearts.

If you don’t own this one, do yourself a favor and get it. If you haven’t heard it in a while then reacquaint yourself with a cool album made at the onset of his artistic reign; just as Prince was about to take us for a wild ride, and long before the hype, the hieroglyphics and the heartbreaking artistic downward spiral--now, hopefully in remission--took hold.

Highlights: "I Want To Be Your Lover", the original version of "I Feel For You" (a sizeable hit for Chaka Khan in the mid ‘80s) and "Why You Want To Hurt Me So Bad?".