Written, Directed and Produced by Kiko Jones
A Ballsy Production

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We are by no means connoisseurs of cinema but by our above masthead (?!) you may have surmised an inherent love for film. You are quite right. We like to think of ourselves as indie folk but when it comes to our favorite flicks, we’re suckers for certain celluloid epic enterprises. This time out we’d like to share with you some of the movies that are closest and dearest to our hearts. With one exception they’re all grand in their scope but not big enough that you can’t see yourself in any and all of them. Isn’t that what great movies are all about, anyway?

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Last week we failed to pay our respects to:

- Rosemary Clooney, a superb jazz vocalist who, unfortunately, was best known in her latter years as George’s aunt. Mrs. Clooney died of lung cancer. She was 74.


- Timothy White, a former Rolling Stone senior editor (‘78-‘82) and Billboard editor in chief (‘91-‘02) who wrote the definitive Bob Marley bio (Catch A Fire) and was always an honest and defiant champion of artists. White died of a heart attack and was 50 years old.


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Dear Mr. Jones, I have a problem. I just can't find any proper substitute for music that’s at least fifteen years old. Should I consider myself a lost cause? Or is it just good old me becoming my father? Please be patient, and help me! Is Mr. McCartney going to buy his own catalog back? I'd like to brake my pig and invest, who do I have to contact? Give my regards to Mrs. Jones.

EDUARDO BISONO Santiago, Dom. Rep.

[We’re seriously considering putting together a special issue for those of you that need to reacquaint yourselves with the pleasure of buying a new record from a current, vital artist. Not the latest fuckin’ disappointment from, say, Paul Simon. Stay tuned. Oh, and for the record, there is no Mrs. Jones –KJ]

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CITIZEN COPE / self-titled (DreamWorks)
CLIFF HILLIS / Be Seeing You (Not Lame)
MODERN FARMER / Hard Row To Hoe (Victory)
DAVE NAVARRO / Trust No One (Capitol)
THE WEBB BROTHERS / Maroon (Warner Bros)

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5 FLICKS WE LOVE (in chronological order):

AMADEUS (1984) directed by Milos Forman

This big screen depiction of the life and genius of Mozart thru the eyes of his rival and fellow composer Antonio Salieri blew us away when we sat it upon its initial release. As musicians it left us with a glowing sense of pride from just being in the same profession as Wolfgang Amadeus himself. No matter how tenuous this connection may be.
If you care about awards you might like to know that Amadeus won no less than 8 Academy Awards.
But in the end, what really matters is that every other schmo is hailed as some sort of genius these days. Come and see what a real one looked like.

Factoid: Cynthia Nixon (HBO’s Sex And The City) plays Mozart’s cleaning lady.

THE GODFATHER -part 2- (1974) both directed by Francis Ford Coppola

So much has been said about this pair that we’re sure that even the least interested of you already know it all by heart. But if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t witnessed the power of either one of Coppola’s cinematic and artistic triumphs then know this: there is no exaggeration on the part of anyone who labels these two as the greatest achievements of modern American cinema. At least we don’t think so.

Factoid: Part 2’s Cuban scenes were actually filmed in the Dominican Republic.

JFK (1991) directed by Oliver Stone

One of the most controversial and polarizing films ever, from a man who’s never shied away from contention. Stone’s descent into the murky waters which engulf the assassination of the most beloved American president of the 20th century, may not be 100% factually accurate but it certainly made people think, debate, argue and consider the merits of, not only this movie, but the endless conspiracy theories that accompany any sort of discussion surrounding the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as well. Watching this film made us dually proud and ashamed. Thank you Jim Garrison for the first; thank you Mr. Stone for both.

Factoid: Former New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison himself plays … Judge Earl Warren, namesake of the commission that in their report endorsed the infamous "Single Bullet" theory that concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman in JFK’s assassination. Garrison’s subsequent attack on said report’s findings inspired the movie.

SAY ANYTHING (1989) directed by Cameron Crowe
Today’s purveyors of incredibly simplistic, moronic, artistically corrupt and hopelessly one-dimensional teen fare should take a good luck at the crap they put their names on and see if it even slightly compares to the romantic comedy that is Cameron Crowe’s best work. Not even fucking close. Kudos to John Cusack and Ione Skye for their nuanced performances and that unforgettable boom box scene.

Factoid: Cameron Crowe’s mother, Alice, is in every film he’s directed: Say Anything; Singles; Jerry Maguire; Almost Famous; and Vanilla Sky.

A FEW HONORABLE MENTIONS: Aguirre, The Wrath of God; Better Off Dead; Boyz N The Hood; Fargo; Hannah and Her Sisters; Rattle and Hum; Rumble Fish; The Shawshank Redemption; Sixteen Candles; Sleepers; That Thing You Do; The Wall.

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SUFFERING FOR YOUR ART: Allegedly due to producer Howard Hughes’ decision to film 1956’s The Conqueror near atomic testing grounds in the Utah desert, director Dick Powell, many of the actors (including John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Pedro Armendariz and Agnes Moorhead), and some of the crew subsequently contracted and died of cancer.

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