"...stay calm, eat a peach and carry on..."

We're probably not alone in this, but every March there seemed to be a certain happy, mellow vibe in the air here in NYC. A feeling we've always ascribed to one thing: the Allman Brothers were in town. It’s not like we were big fans or anything—never had the pleasure of seeing them live, unfortunately—but there was just this…you know. And “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” seems to capture it perfectly.
The Brothers disbanded three weeks ago after a 45 year run, playing their last show at their beloved Beacon Theatre where, for 10 consecutive nights or so every Spring, they held court for more than 20 years. Gregg Allman once said that while Georgia was no.1 in their hearts, NYC was a close second. Right back at'cha.

This is a little tribute to them and to Duane Allman who would've turned 68 today.